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Living in the UK? Wherever you are located, there are a great number of cheap flights available to Madeira from several British airports to Madeira International Airport, airport code FNC.  First, there is easyJet, flying from London Gatwick and from Bristol. Then, there is, flying from Manchester, Leeds/Bradford and East Midlands. There’s Thomas Cook, who also have services from different UK airports, and there is British Airways flying from London Heathrow. Whaterer you choose, we find there is one website that really finds you the best offers, including the low cost airlines. We are speaking about They offer the possibility to search a whole month, instead of most companies who force you to choose specific dates, thus keeping you in the dark about possible cheaper flights on another day. We use it all the time, and we have so far managed to fly from Brussels to Funchal for as little as 50 Euros one way, four times in a row. Of course, you have to be flexible if you want to fly so cheaply, and we are. But even if your time is limited and you need to fly on specific dates, SkyScanner helps you find the best offers.

it's easy to find cheap flights to Madeira

One more thing about flying to Madeira. Some still say that Madeira International Airport FNC is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Maybe this used to be the case. However, in 2000 the runway was almost doubled, extending it on an artificial extension of the island. Now, it is as safe as any airport. When the weather is good, the wind us usually from the Northeast. The plane will continue past the airport before landing, and you can have a good look at the runway from the right side of the plane. then, it make a u-turn and lands. We found a you-tube registration of a perfect landing in an Aibus 320. Get into the cockpit with us and enjoy!

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