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Our Contact Details:

Raposeira de São João’s address in Madeira is:
Impasse de São João 11

9370-373 Fajã da Ovelha (Calheta)

Madeira – Portugal


Our telephone number in the Netherlands (to contact us from approx. mid May till End of October) +31 6 47587268,

our telephone number in Madeira (to contact us from end of October through mid May)

+351 913 822 057  (cell) or +351 291 872 225 (landline)

If one of these numbers does not answer, try the other. We could be out of range. If you contact us by email, we answer it upon reception.

In summer, we live aboard our yacht. As we are travelling, we do not have a landline and no home address. We like to only correspond by email because of its speed instead of snail mail. Our email address is

[email protected]

Aboard our yacht, we have ensured our contact with the outside world by mobile internet. Mail is being read at least a couple of times a day, and usually answered by return. Sometimes, however, we are at sea and out of range. This is an exception and we will see to your message as soon as we are within range again.

This page was updated on november 29, 2015

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