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If you are staying with us on a B&B basis, you will expect a nice room, stunning views, peace and quiet, and, of course, a nice breakfast. However, we have taken our service a little beyond that. Upon request, we can cook you dinner as well. We can’t do that every day, but up to four times a week is no problem. If you decide this is what you would like, we invite you at our table.

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Usually preceded by a glass of wine by the wood stove, we serve the best of what Madeira, in collaboration with our kitchen, has to offer. Pure gastronomy in Madeira! We try to use local ingredients as much as possible. Fruit and vegetables are abundant. We prefer to buy our fruits and veggies at the local market. Everything is just so fresh there, and the flavours so intense, the produce was usually only picked they day before. Unless you grow your own produce, you won’t be able to find it this fresh where you live! Fish is also fresher than we are used to in North-Western Europe. The same goes for chicken. We only buy the local chickens, that have been raised in decent conditions, and was not speed-grown in the horror that is bio-industry. Meat usually comes from the mainland, and dairy is from the Azores, which specialise in it. Wine comes from the Portuguese mainland. There is a reason why the local wine is used make Madeira wine: most are simply not suitable for normal consumption. The simple Alentejo wine, literally “from over the Tagus”, is very affordable here and is of excellent quality.

Whatever we buy, we try and be as environmental friendly as possible. We greatly prefer local produce over stuff that has been dragged halfway across the globe, so fish, veggies and fruits from Asia or Africa are carefully avoided. Apart from the extra pollution caused, the flavour definitely suffeers a lot duroing the long voyage in cooled ships. On top of all that, here in Madeira producers only use tha bbsolute minimum of agricultural poison, and instead of the largely manipulated Monsanto seeds the local farmers grow their own. So there you are: no need to drive to find gastronomy in Madeira!

With all those beautiful ingredients we cook you (and us) a delicious meal. We like to do that and, frankly, we daresay we are good at it. We offer you a 3 course meal for 12€50 per person per day. For that, we serve starters, main course, dessert and coffee. Wine is included. Gastronomy at a friendly price!

Depending on the season and availability, we try and serve typical Madeiran dishes. Think of the famous Peixe Espada, the black scabbard fish that only leaves in the Madeiran archipelago and in the Japanese sea. We serve it with the traditional sauce based on banana and passion fruit. The super fresh tuna caught here makes a delicious Italian Vitello Tonnato possible as well,

We do cater to your diet wishes, and we have no problem making your favourites. Everything is, of course sublect to availability. Note that we aren’t schooled diet cooks. That is a special science. We do, however, try to cook according to your wishes and will follow your instructions as far as at all possible. Not all diet products you may be used to where you live are available in thes island. For vegetarians, not that apart from veggies and fruits, some necessary ingredients that you can count on in your country, may be difficult to get, if at all on offer, and usually are very expensive. Therefore, we have to charge a small extra for exclusively vegetarian meals of € 2,50. Our kitchen is a domestic and not an industerial one. Therefore, whatever we cook for you, we will have as well. Vegan cooking is simply not possible for us. The usual ingredients to secure an attractive, well balanced and complete meal are usually not available in Madeira

You can make an appointment for dinner during breakfast. Only if you wish to have dinner with us the day of your arrival, we would like you to tell us beforehand, in order to enable us to do the required shopping. Please do tell us if there are thinks you cannot eat, or simply do not like. It is no trouble to take that into account.

Raposeira de São João Pure Madeiran gastronomy!

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