Madeira Car Hire, tips & tricks

Rental Car in Madeira? Once you stay outside of the city of Funchal, you will certainly need one.

We have already done the research in order to find you a cheap rental car, and we have some car hire tips & tricks for you. We found a system that looks into the actual offers of various companies and find you the most attractive deals. You can proceed and book online, which will keep your waiting time upon arrival in Madeira limited. Renting a car in Madeira makes the island accessible. so, even if you decide to stay in Funchal, at least consider a rental car for a couple of days if you do not wish to spend much time in tourist buses…

Instead of looking for a cheap rental car yourself, comparing all the usual companies, you can find an interesting deal if you use the system we included in our website. just click here and find your car rental. The booking engine uses different car hire companies. If you end up with a car hire company that has a desk at the airport itself – and the voucher will tell you if it has – then send the person who will drive on to get the paperwork done. The other(s) can wait for the luggage to arrive. If you all wait for the luggage, you may end at the back of a long queue at the car hire desk.

When looking for a rental car, do not ever even consider choosing a large car. Madeira is a very steep place, with roads that are often narrow and winding, and with car parks that have accordingly narrow spaces. There simply is not much flat space, so they cannot really help this. Therefore, a large car is not useful. Therefore, we recommend you to look for a smaller rental car, but one with a somewhat powerful engine. The only thing that determines the size, is for you to gett all of you with all your luggage from and to the airport.

The ideal car for Madeira is, in our opinion, really the Smart fortwo. Especially fun would be the Smart Convertible if you can find one. Any smaller car is OK for Madeira, really, as long as the engine has some spirit. The only car we really thought too weak was the Chvrolet/Daewoo Matiz we once rented, but they have now disappeared from the car rental’s choice.

Always take damage waver. Sometimes you have to squeeze the car into park sites of around bends, and a scratch is easily gotten. We have seen a friend having to pay €900 for a silly scratch because she decided against paying a small amount for the waver. Renting a car in med-season should be possible for about 25 Euros a day, all included. This will provide ytou with a decent rental car of the smaller middle class.

One more thing. Not every car rental company has a desk in the airport. This turns out to be no problem at all. Should you end up with a company that hasn’t, they will send a minibus to pick you up (and to drop you off on your departure) and the driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall, carrying a sign with your name or, if he collects more people, with the name of his company. It is easier than in sounds. Upon booking your car, you will be sent a voucher mentioning the name of the car rental company.

Should you prefer to directly book your rental car with a company of your choice, you will find all major car hire companies in the island.

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