Madeira holiday rental

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Madeira holiday rental? That probably was one of the search words you used in order to find us. Welcome to our web site. Our lovingly renovated Madeira home is for rent for holiday purposes when we are on our boat in the Netherland or sailing the seven seas.

de new dawn roses are blooming at Raposeira de São João
Raposeira de São João's beautiful old facade
de bougainvillea in full flower on the side terrace of Raposeira de São João

directly from us

You can rent directly from us, so not via an agent or other go-betweens that only drive the price up. Our house is not a typical holiday home, not part of a holiday complex, not situated in an estate or a residential area, but detached in a tiny hamlet of farmer’s houses which Raposeira de São João used to be as well, in the middle of nature. No cheap rental furniture, but a real home, furbished and equipped for permanent residence.


Our house is in a small hamlet, far from the masses, a little hidden, but still easy to reach. ‘Raposeira de São João’, that’s the name of our house, is a lovely home for both winter (when we’re here ourselves) and summer. Because of its higher location we have a spectacular sea view, or rather, a panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean, but also over the woods and hills of São João and São Lourenço, near Fajã da Ovelha, a village in the municipality of Calheta in the sunny south-west of the island. Even on a warm summer day, the house cools down night to a pleasant temperature for a good night’s sleep. If you want a holiday home in Madeira, this is an ideal house. Whether you just want to enjoy some sun, or you want a walking holiday – the levadas of Madeira are famous for their walking possibilities -, a holiday for those seeking peace and quiet or for nature lovers. The beautifully restored typical Madeira house is for rent all year round, that is, you can rent it during the time that we can’t be here.

Raposeira de São João is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac. Peace and quiet guaranteed!

our hamlet, 'Soalheira de Baixo'
Raposeira de São João has a breathtaking ocean view.

Holiday home? Not really?

The house is not just a cottage or a holiday home. It is actually not a holiday home at all. It is a house that has been designed and furnished for permanent residence and is therefore equipped with all modern conveniences. It is suitable for 2, 3 or 4 people. When we found the house was not habitable and in decline. We have lovingly restored it to what it is today: a light and comfortable house, with old elements but with a light, airy and contemporary interior. The slideshows below show what it was like when we first found it and give an indea of the demolition and reconstruction that followed.

the old house
12 photos
  • the house as we found it
  • The side terrace
  • side terrace
  • the side terrace on the first floor
  • the hamlet
  • the hamlet and surroundings
  • the orange tree
  • celebrations on the side terrace
  • just for the picture
  • the old bread oven
  • stained glass
  • farewelll drink

The way up!
19 photos
  • a car entrance has been made
  • materials have arrived
  • future kitchen.
  • 026
  • kitchen taking shape
  • bedroom being built
  • new first floor. the construction is ready.
  • muh fantasy is needed
  • an empty first floor
  • retaining garden wall
  • terrace laid out
  • annex has reached the highest point
  • futere kitchen and future master bedroom
  • it starts to look like a house again
  • the window frames restored
  • steel roof support is built
  • roof support ready for the roof tiles
  • the roof is back on the old house
  • roof on the annex as well

For more information about the house, please visit het page ‘the house’.

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