Privacy policy

This privacy policy has been compiled for you as visitors to our website. Herein we explain how your “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII) is used online. PII is information that can be used by itself, but also in combination with other data to identify or contact a specific person. Please read our privacy policy carefully to understand how we collect, use, process and protect your personal information regarding our website.

Who are “we” in this document?

This document speaks on behalf of the owners of the Raposeira de São João holiday home. Our website address is:
What personal information do we collect on our website?
Only when you leave a comment will you be asked to enter your name and e-mail address. We need this information from you to respond to your response. We do not collect credit card numbers or any sensitive personal information.<

When do we collect other personal information?

If you request to rent our house, we will ask you for the usual data like name, address and place of residence. You make your request by e-mail, so we must also save your e-mail address for further correspondence. We save this personal information when you make a booking and as long as the government requires us to do so for tax reasons, among other things.

How do we use your personal information?

We use the personal data to communicate with you.

How do we protect your personal information?

Our website and your personal data are protected by the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for data sent via the Internet. Intrusion attempts are monitored on the web server. Your data is therefore stored in a secure location behind a protected network and is only accessible to us.

Your rights.

If you no longer wish to communicate with us, or if you want to have certain data changed or deleted, you can report this via our email address [email protected] We will immediately ensure that the requested actions are carried out.


Cookies are small files created by websites in your browser (if you do not block this). They make it possible for websites to recognize your browser when you visit the website again and to remember certain information about your visit. For example, we use cookies to manage your web session. If you send a response to our website for the first time, that response will be submitted to the web administrator for approval. We do this to keep spammers outside the door of the website. Once your response has been approved, it will be displayed on the website. These cookies ensure that your next response does not have to be approved by the web administrator first. We also use cookies to collect statistics about visitors to our website in general. This gives us the opportunity to improve our website and services in the future. The cookies used to collect usage statistics are sometimes stored for up to two years, or until you delete the cookies in your browser.
We use cookies for this purpose:
• To maintain web sessions
• To record user preferences
• To analyze joint statistics on user interactions on our website. For this we use services from Google Analytics that automatically compile these statistics. With this we can see which pages are visited and from which platform (Windows, Android, iOS, and also whether the traffic comes from fixed or mobile devices), from which country and which place. We can also see the traffic flows within the website. This way we can make improvements and remove any unused pages. We cannot see who the visitors are.
You can set your computer at any time to notify you about the use of cookies or you can disable the use of cookies altogether. You do this through your browser settings. Since all browsers have different settings for this, please refer to the documentation of your browser for this.
If you disable cookies, some functionalities of our website may become inactive. With each response you will again enter the queue for approval.

Sharing information with third parties.

We do not sell or share your personal data with third parties. We can only provide personal information if there are legal requirements, or to protect our rights and safety or the rights and safety of others.
The information used to collect usage statistics from the website is made anonymous so that it cannot lead to you as a user. We have blocked the use of information from you as a user for marketing or advertising purposes of third parties.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you no longer wish to receive messages from us, please contact us. We strive to answer all questions immediately, if you want to have data changed or deleted or no longer want to receive messages from us, we will in any case adhere to the legal period of a maximum of 4 weeks.

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