Leaving on a jet plane

And then, before you know it, the winter on Madeira is already over and you’ll be at o-dark-30 at the airport where the plane is ready to take you to the cold north. We’re always struggling to get away, but we also know that all kinds of nice encounters await us in the Netherlands and we’re very curious what Heerenleed looks like after her painting last winter.

.In the meantime the garden is jumping here on Madeira, there are a lot of plants that are thick in buds, but that we just won’t see blossoming. Yesterday we asked Maria to send us a picture of plants we are very curious about. Of course we will keep you informed, although it is slowly becoming time to switch to heerenleed.com. before the summer.

This is what we are going to miss:

But there was a lot we did see in flower:

In the coming days you can expect some more messages, about what we did on Madeira the last few days, but now we go to the gate, and leave for Porto. There we change to the plane to Amsterdam. We will start putting on thick pullovers in a minute as it is cold up there.

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