Splendor in the garden!

Now that we have reached the end of the winter season we see that the garden is exploding in a feast of colours. Not everything is blooming yet, but everything looks promising for the coming season.

The acantis will finally bloom!
a feast of clours

nasty colours

how many lemopns can one want?
a beautiful sight, the cactus in flower!
The geranium maderense. Find the bumblebee

The acantis, which has led an ailing existence for a few years, already produced very large leaves last year. This year it surprises us with a large flower stem, and the suspicion of two more. Too bad we won’t see it in flower, but maybe a guest will take a picture this summer! All in all the garden looks beautiful, behind to the house a very rich carrying lemon, the large cactus is in flower and will bear a lot of fruit. The Geranium Maderense is in full splendor and here and there the flowers just have a nasty color!

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