When we left to the Netherlands at the beginning of May, this was not entirely without worries. We left a little boy behind. He can take good care of himself because he survived last summer even without our food supply, but that does not mean that we did not think we left him to his own fate. The little boy is more or less wild, coming and going as he pleases, but he ded grow up with people we think. At the end of the winter he let us pet him, not every day, but still he did, and we could give him anti fleas drops in his neck.

Maria regularly reports on the state of affairs, sends pictures of the garden, and this time also a photograph of the little lad. Tenants have also signalled him, and occasionally some fed him and the tenants of last week have called him Caesar. So let’s keep it like that. And in the picture we see Caesar waiting patiently until we come back again and the daily meals resume. Patience is called Paciência in Portuguese.

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