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We have updated the booking calender. The house can now be booked for the summer months 2020. And, of course, you can book a B&B based stay during the months we are in Madeira, roughly from early November 2019 till mid-April 2020, and then again from early November 2020.

Apart from some tiny gaps, our summer season 2019 is fully booked. Our guests are enjoying the house and its surroundings, and there has not been any extreme weather. It hasn’t been too hot, not too cold, there has been sunshine, and also some rain, so the garden is looking fresh and colourful!

Our cleaning lady Maria, who is really getting good at using her new smartphone, regularly sends us photos of the garden. The small climbing rose Rosa Maria, for which we built a trelis this spring, is using it gratefully! It has started to build a wall of flowers! The stunning pink lily is giving beautiful flowers, and the Sago Palm which had suffered a lot from the car fire in October 2017, has recovered and is looking beautiful, now that Maria has cut away the dying leaves.

The Rosa Maria is building a wall of flowers
The beautiful pink lily
The sago palm

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