Madeiran migrants

If you’re a bit familiar with Madeira, you know that a lot of old houses are empty, slowly decaying, collapsing and falling into ruin eventually. Especially if you come a bit further from the capital Funchal. There are reasons for that. Until the nineteenth century, one of the pillars of the island economy was sugar…

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Exotic vegetables and fruits: the market is the place to go

Like most Sundays, we went to the market in the village of Prazeres, which is about seven minutes away from our house, pretty early yesterday morning (yuck!). Fruit and vegetables are definitely best bought on the market. Not only because of the price, but also because of the degree of freshness. There is always a…

#Tempmad. We remember the Madeira floods of February 20, 2010.

#Tempmad. Everyone in Madeira knows what it meant. Still means. The first days after the terrible events on Madeira, I had a very useful tool at my disposal: Twitter. A lot of information that we otherwise would never have been able to get went around the globe in milliseconds. For me, the linchpin was Linda…

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