booking the holiday home in Madeira?

In these times of corona everything is different. We understand it’s impossible to look far enough ahead for a final booking. We can work something out together. Call or Whatsapp us at +316 47587268 or send us an email with your questions.

booking the holiday home? easy!

Booking the holiday home, or enquiring for a specific period of time? We have made things easy for you. Booking is directly with us. We don’t use agents or other expensive go-betweens, who would only increase the price.


First, have a look at the calender and check if booking our house is still possible in the period you like.. We keep the calender perfectly up to date, however, it is possible that we already have an enquiry for your dates that has not yet been confirmed. In such cases, we contact you at once upon receiving your enquiry.

booking the house or just enquiring?

Booking our house, or sending an enquiry, is very easy. Just send us a message using the below form. The more information you send us, the easier it gets. Dates of arrival and departure, number of people, address… Adding your phone number would be nice, we can then give you a call (via phone of WhatsApp) to explain things or answer any questions. Once you have decided to book the house, we send you a rental agreement accompanied by the usual terms conditions and some explanations. Just fill out the empty fields, print and sign, and sent it back to us as a scan (or as a photo). When the down payment that is specified in the rental agreement has arrived in our bank account, your booking is complete.

If you’d rather just send an email instead of using the form, you can, of course. Just send your mail to info(at)

From early November through late April you can choose: either you can choose for booking the holiday home, or you can stay in our guest room on a B&B basis. Check out the Bed and Breakfast page for all the relevant information. Enquiries or booking requests for B&B are done the same way: just send us a message with the relevant information, and we get back to you immediately. Note that we have only one guest room, which limits the number of people to just two.

Don’t forget to take a decent travel insurance if you don’t already have one. Take one that covers cancellations as well. It can save you a lot of trouble and a whole lot of money should you have to cancel your trip. You can often book a travel insurance online while booking your flights.

bookig our holiday home in Madeira is easy!
Bed and Breakfast in our house: a splendid alternative to renting the hiloday home entirely.
car hire? we offer a lot of tips and tricks.

feel free to ask

You can also send us any questions you may have before deciding to travel to Madeira or even to book our house. We know the island well, as we have spent the winter months her since 2010. Therefore, we will possibly be able to answer all your questions of a more touristy nature as well. We love helping to make your stay in this delightful island a fantastic experience.

Je ziet: wij hebben geprobeerd het je zo makkelijk mogelijk te maken: van het vakantiehuis boeken tot het vinden van een aantrekkelijke vlucht of huurauto.

*in de winter geldt een minimum huurperiode van 14 overnachtingen. Dat komt omdat wij het huis weer in ‘zomerstand’ moeten brengen en dat kost tijd. In de zomerperiode geldt een minimum van 5 overnachtingen. Voor Bed & Breakfast hebben we geen minimumverblijf.

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