Wall of Fame in Madeira!

wall of fame in Madeira

Early 2016 we started a new tradition. From then on, we take a picture of all our B&B guests and everyone else with whom we have a special connection. We use the always stunning sunset at one of our favorite places in Madeira, like Bar de Pedra in Paúl do Mar or Bar da Dona Maria in Madalena do Mar. If that is not possible (due to weather conditions or whatever other reason) we simple use another picture of our guests, but it has to be made in Madeira.

we maken foto's van onze gasten tegenover onze stamkroeg: Bar de Pedra, tegen het licht van de ondergaande zon.

idea: a page with images of our guests

The idea was triggered by a wonderful picture of our dear November guests Karin en Reinier. They were staying in our guest room as B&B guests. We then found some more pictures of earlier guests and decided to start a ‘wall of fame’ page. Since then, we make a photo of all our guests, B&B or friends or family or anyone who stays with us.

half recognisable

If at all possible, we make these pictures aginst the setting sun. That lighting makes it only possible to recognise our guests for people who know them and keeps their privacy intact. The same lighting often results in stunning pictures. We put them all up in this page. Is your photo missing? just come back to us and we will take care of it!

In the background of this page, we depicted the Tamarilho, a fruit that is also known as ‘tomate inglés’ or tree tomato. It is indeed a plant of the nightshade family, to which the ordinary tomato and the potato belong. Excellent to make exotic jams or even a delicious poncha.

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