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when should I go?

Choosing a good time to visit Madeira isn’t difficult, but it depends on what you want to do. If you want to see flowers, you can come to Madeira any time of the year. If you want do do a lot of hiking, for which Madeira is famous, it is best to avoid the warmest months July and August. The air temperature is really never too high for any length of time, but the sun is very powerful, not ideal for hiking. It does rain, in winter more than in summer, hence the lush nature of the island. If you want to have some figures, visit the page about Madeira’s weather we have prepared for you.

We always keep the calendar up-to-date. However, it may happen that there is a request or a pending booking and a ‘green period’ turns out to be unavailable after all. Always check with us by sending us an email or giving us a call. You can find our details in the ‘contact’ page. If you find your period is available, you may wish to check if there are any convenient flights to get you to Madeira. Our page about flights does not give any prices as they are subject to change, but you have a good overview if you use the service offered by

Have you checked the calendar? Then you can proceed and book the house.
we have prepared a page with information about flights to Madeira

Once you have received our confirmation of your booking, do go online and book your rental car. It is not practical to try and use public transport to travel to our house. There are few buses and there are not many amenities withing walking distance. We have sorted out these things, if you click on ‘transport’ in the menu you will see a dedicated page for car hire and one for the buses in Madeira.

The image in the background of this page is a comb of bananas. Madeira grows many kinds, but our preferred one is the Madeira banana. This delicious little banana has been banned for many decades from the European market outside Portugal, by the lobby of United Fruit because it was said they did not meet their ‘shape-norm’. Outregeous, and we fail to understand why anyone would eat the tastless Chiquita bananas where we have the tasty and aromatic small Madeira banana as a much better alternative. The Madeira bananas feature in a dish around the Island’s pride the Peixe Espada Preta. The fish is served with a delicious sauce made of bananas and passion fruit.

This page was updated on January 18, 2021.