Bed and Breakfast in Madeira

In these times of corona everything is different. We understand it’s impossible to look far enough ahead for a final booking. We can work something out together. Call or Whatsapp us at +316 47587268 or send us an email with your questions.

bed and breakfast?

In winter, mind, only in winter, from early november till mid april, apart from renting the house, it is also possible to stay with us on a Bed and Breakfast base. Our guest room will then serve as ‘Chambre d’Hôte’. The room is elegant and comfortable and has its own sitting area.


Of course, your B&B room has ensuite facilities, consisting of a bathroom with an ample shower, a wash basin and a toilet. The room has its own private entrance from its own terrace, and has, like any space in our house, stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean and over our wooded valley in Fajã da Ovelha, a village of the Council of Calheta on Madeira’s sunny South coast. The room has tea and coffee facilities and a small refregerator.

full english breakfast

Of course, we gladly adapt your breakfast to your special wishes, as far as possible with the sometimes limited resources of a remote island. Our standard B&B breakfast is based on a full English cooked breakfast. But our service goes beyond the classic Bed and Breakfast service. Upon request, we can also offer dinner, which we base on the French ‘table d’hôte’ principle. In other words, we invite you at our table.

Especially if you travel alone, this is a pleasant concept. Dining out on your own is often not particularly entertaining. On top of that, we are real ‘foodies’. We love good food and we love to cook. All in all, this turns dinner with us into a gastronomic experience. We have a preference for fresh local and regional produce. We do limit our dinner service to about 4 days a week. Do consult us about the possibilities. Read all about it in the dedicated page ‘gastronomy‘.

reasonable prices

Prices are more than reasonable. If you travel alone, we ask €40 per night for B&B. For two, the price is € 45 per night. A three course dinner, for which we gladly take your wishes into account, is €15,00 per person. And of course, that includes wine as one can’t have dinner in Madeira without it. Our main course always consists of meat, fish or chicken.

veggie diet?

A number of ingredients neccessary to create a balanced vegetarian meal are difficult to get in Madeira. Apart from the seasonal fruits and vegetables, they have to be imported from overseas, and they are usually unproportionally expensive. Therefore, we have to charge a small supplement of € 2,50 per person for a fully vegetarian dinner. As our kitchen is a house kitchen and not a fully equipped professional restaurant kitchen, we all have the same menu as a principle. Another limitation we have, that is also caused by the lack of availability of some produce, makes it impossible for us to cater for vegans. The island offers too little of the necessary ingredients to cook balanced, responsible and attractive vegan meals. Even the Breakfast part of B&B we really cannot do completely vegan, for lack of the necessary ingredients.

any vacancies?

You wish to inquire about, or even book a Bed and Breakfast stay with us? Check the calender to see if your choice period is still available. If it is, click here and send us an email with your enquiry or booking. Please provide us with your details, as well as your telephone number and the period you wish to have B&B with us. We will contact you upon receipt of your message.

Still hesitating? go and have a look at our ‘Wall of Fame‘. A page with photos of all our Bed and Breakfast guests. Pictures of happy people, taken against the setting sun at our favourite Bar de Pedra in Paúl do Mar.

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