hop on a bus

Rodoeste is the name of the company that is responsible for the buses that serve the West of Madeira bedient.

rodoeste-bus1In the ares outside Funchal, the frequency of the buses are a far cry from what we are used to in our urban areas. Near our house, you need to search for the bus stop. In spite of local protests, there still is no sign indicating the location of the bus stop. Still, it is easy once you know your way around. The bus stops about 50 m west of the Bar Achada, on the main road, not far from the ‘ecoponto, the multi coloured thrash containers. In the Bar Achada, they will be able to tell you exactly.

‘Our’ bus stop is being served by Rodoeste’s line 80, which services the line Funchal-Porto Moniz via Ponta do Pargo, and Rodoeste line 142, going from Funchal to Ponta do Pargo vice versa.

It all is a bit complicated, above all because it is not clear why buses that service the same route have different line numbers. Sometimes, the buses make a detour via Paúl do Mar en en sometimes, they then do not serve Raposeira. De times of departure at ‘our’ stop in the direction of Calheta and Funchal is about 20 minutes after leaving Ponta do Pargo, in the direction of Ponta do Pargo about half an hour after leaving Calheta or Estrela. It is all very approximate. S
till, the buses can be very useful if you would like to walk the Levada Nova one-way, starting from for instance Amparo or Ponta do Pargo. You then walk along the Levada Nova until you reach the yellow B&B which you see when you look uphill from the house. Then, you take the footpath ‘vereda da Soalheira’ (yes, there is a sign) back home. The same goes for the Levada Nova starting in Prazeres.

For information about all the bus lines in the island, you can consult this website.