our Madeira home picture book.

our Madeira home picture book.

Photos are everything!

All the images of the house we deem suitable for publication on this website would show the house in perfect order, no mess, fit to be published in a home magazine. However, it is often the images of the house as it is used, with the corresponding mess, sometimes with people, that give the nicest idea. Therefore, we made a gallery of private images of the house and the garden that were not meant to showcase the house in perfect order. The folder is quite large, so give it a minute to load. Then, sit back and have a look at the picture book of our Madeira home! And don’t mind the mess!


The equipment in the house may be different from the images of our house. As we said, the house changes over time, things that we missed having were added, things that did not work were taken away, things suffer from wear and tear, some break and need to be replaced. This can under no circumstances give the renter cause for claims as all functionalities of the house remain intact.

The flower in the background of this page is one of the many Camelia species. You find many in Madeira. A beautiful Camelia lane can be found in the Parque Municipal of Santo António da Serra.

This page was updated on January 16, 2023