Boca do Risco – Caniçal. This year’s first

Fantastiche uitzichten op de wandeling Boca do Risco-Caniçal

Those who know Madeira know that the island shows itself at its best when you put on your hiking boots and take a walk along a levada (which is the easiest) or through the mountains (more difficult, but still usually not too difficult).
In the meantime we have a group of friends with whom we hike together, every week if possible. It’s always fun, enjoying the overwhelming and majestic nature and the fun we always have together. The first hike this year was from Boca do Risco, high above Porto da Cruz, to Caniçal, so quite far to the east of the island. We always try to make a video registration of it, and again we succeeded. It is online on YouTube, and you can see it here. Don’t forget to turn on the sound and play the video on full screen for the best picture!

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As always, we gather at a logical point. Because everyone but a few – us and Ishbel – lives near Caniço in the east, we meet at Christo Rei, an imposing but now somewhat rickety statue of Christ after the example of the statue standing on the south side of the Tagus in Lisbon, after which the famous more than life-size copy was made in Rio de Janeiro. We drive to Caniçal and leave one car behind, the rest drives on to Boca do Risco which is situated high above Porto da Cruz. You can see the walk in the video we posted on Youtube. Upon arrival at the cars we traditionally went on the poncha, where we were entertained by Paulo (Castro) who not only during the walks was able to put himself in position Q-with-knot, but also embarrassed the bartender in the pub. Costly, needless to say it was a lovely day. Enjoy the walk and enjoy the company!

Boca do Risco - Canbiçal. SAtunning walk in delightful company!

By Peter Groen

Peter was born in Amsterdam in 1949. He has a history in PR and copywriting. Now, part time resident of the Island of Madeira of over 10 years, he writes about Madeira, its culture, its overwhelming nature, its food and drink, and about everything concerning travel to and on this beautiful island.

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