Happy 2020 with the Funchal Fireworks!

Happy 2020 with the spectacular Funchal Fireworks!

With the spectacular Funchal fireworks of last night, we wish you all a fantastic 2020. May it bring you everything you hope for!

Like last year and many years before, we like to celebrate New Years Eve en the arrival of the new year with a nice dinner with friends in Reataurante Miradouro, well positioned in São Roque, a higher neigbourhood of the city of Funchal. After meeting with our friends for drinks in the Parque Municipal in Funchal’s centre, we had to ignore some signs that told us the road to São Roque was closed du to works, in order to get where we wanted to go. São Roque is a good spot to watch the Funhal Fireworks, because it normally is easy to get out of town after the fireworks have finished. We turned out to be lucky, as the road was temporarily open probably for Christmas and New Years Eve, as all road works are stopped during the festive season. After the fireworks, we were on our way and on the motorway West in no tie at all, and we got home at 1 AM.

Friends from the Netherlands were less lucky. They parked in one of the park houses in the lower regions of Funchal. When they wanted to get out of Funchal after the fireworks, they couldn’t get out of the parkhouse du to a faulty chip in their exit coin. They arrived home at 5 AM, after a very long day, as they only arrived from the Netherlands that same afternoon. If we ever wanted to park our car in a park house on new years eve, we will reconsider. Next year we will simply go back to Sao Roque to watch the fireworks. Easy to leave as there is enough parking space outside in that area.

Finally, thanks to producer NDProducões for the stunning drone view of a part of the fireworks, showing the cruise ships off the harbour that let their passengers enjoy the Funchal fireworks before vanishing in the distance after the show.

The Miradouro de São Roque: a good spot to watch the Funchal Fireworks for New Year!

Of course, no Christmas period is complete without having seen the exuberant and over-the-top Christmas lights in Funchal. Of course, we went to see them and we love to share them with you here.


By Peter Groen

Peter was born in Amsterdam in 1949. He has a history in PR and copywriting. Now, part time resident of the Island of Madeira of over 10 years, he writes about Madeira, its culture, its overwhelming nature, its food and drink, and about everything concerning travel to and on this beautiful island.

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