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Many have stopped to take pictures during their holidays. They make videos that create a vivid image of their destination. We have always published them when we came across them, usually with reference to the source. They gradually got too scattered on the website, so I decided to collect them here on one single page. All the videos about Madeira concentrated. Scroll through them at your leisure. And see how beautiful our island is, seen through different eyes.

video about Funchal, made by easyJet.

easyJet has released a promotional video about Funchal, not really a video about Madeira but just it’s capital. It does contain publicity for a number of companies and businesses, though. But still a nice portrait of a lively but relaxed city. EasyJet flies from Lisbon to Madeira two to three times a day and a couple of times a week from London Gatwick, Bristol and other cities under normal circumstances. Visit the page about flights to Madeira for up-to-date information.

One of the most beautiful video’s about Madeira

Here is one of the nicest videos from Madeira we have seen in the last couple of years.

Pico de Arieiro to Pico Ruivo

For those who have never done this walk before – it is one of the most popular, though quite challenging, on the island – here is a video that gives an impression of the beautiful nature you will see during this hike. But you have to be quite fit and not be afraid of heights to walk it. So for those who prefer not to do this challenging walk, you can get to the top of the Pico Arieiro by car for an amazing view of the island. You do need clear skies, or else the cloud cover has to be very low. You can check this with the webcams all over the island, the links are on our website.

Elderly and pensioners only? I think not!

Despite the old and worn-out idea that Madeira is an island for pensionados, new activities emerge on the island every day that appeal to younger people. As a result, the island is rapidly changing its image, with an increasingly fun nightlife scene in the city. But the overwhelming nature and tranquillity outside the centers remain the island’s greatest attractions. Even when you’re just experiencing it at break-neck speed on your skateboard. A video of two cheerful guys who are happy to have stunning Madeira as their playground!

Stefan Zimmermann

Stefan made a stunning video about Madeira. Hij say he spent about two hours of editing and fine-tuning to get one minute of video. That is a lot. But the results are rewarding.

Cabo Girão

The highest cape on European territory. It is an impressively high cape, and to make things even more exciting, there is now a balcony with a glass floor, built around the old, safe vantage point. Yes, we know it is safe, but when I had forced myself once not to be a chicken sh*it and walk over it, I decided that it was enough. Just enjoy the beautiful drone shots – from the safety of your armchair – of this special place, which has, unfortunately, become quite touristy. But in this page of videos of Madeira, this video most certainly has its place!

old and new roads

Madeira is quite proud of its infrastructure, which has developed significantly in recent decades. We are, of course, also benefiting from this. If that infrastructure had not been this good when we looked for our house and bought it, we probably would have looked elsewhere. At the time, it was about 50 minutes by car to the airport; ten years earlier, it would have been 4 to 4.5 hours. Too far for rental purposes, so we would have looked closer to the capital. But the network of express roads is expanding all the time.

The last section of the VE3 has opened a good year ago so that we can get even closer to home without having to swing over the Regional 222. The VE3 does not get any closer, it dives under our valley and goes further west. The last section to Ponta do Pargo will be ready next year and the west side will be almost completely open by then. Of course, the government of Madeira is very proud of this and has put a video on Youtube about the roads of Madeira, old and new. Nice to watch and he deserves a place among the videos about Madeira.


By Peter Groen

Peter was born in Amsterdam in 1949. He has a history in PR and copywriting. Now, part time resident of the Island of Madeira of over 10 years, he writes about Madeira, its culture, its overwhelming nature, its food and drink, and about everything concerning travel to and on this beautiful island.

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